About Us

The Seed – How It All Began
Alliance was formed out of an opportunity of necessity. In the mid-south, crop insurance has historically been under-serviced and over-sold. In 2009 the opportunity was identified for a full service, high-end organization to provide risk management services to producers through the use of crop insurance and marketing strategies, with a backstop using true cost budgeting and crop mix selection.

The necessity of complete risk management was also apparent to the consultants of Southern Ag Consulting based in Starkville, MS. This led to the partnering of Alliance and Southern Ag Consulting. As a complete crop management consulting firm, SAC was already managing risk, but it was the risk posed by insects and disease. These two organizations, combined to be a cohesive working organization under one roof was a match made in heaven. Alliance and Southern Ag Consulting continues to work together to provide risk management, combining all aspects of risk that a producer may face. No other “crop insurance agency” can help you make decisions with the proper understanding of ag business like we can.

The Roots – Our Team
The Team at Alliance is comprised of leadership and experience that is second to none in the ag risk management industry. We first understood crop management and then went on to develop and plan risk management tools. By possessing an extensive knowledge of both disciplines, we are able to better understand the complete management process which allows us to recommend the best risk management in the industry.

brian montgomery

Brian Montgomery
CEO and President/Risk Management Specialist 

Originally from Greenville, MS but currently based in Starkville, MS, Brian has a background in ag industry including work experience with John Deere Company and Helena Chemical Company.


Greg Williams
Risk Management Specialist

Born and raised in west Tennessee, Greg now owns and operates Williams Insurance Agency in Oakland, TN where he provides a complete risk management package to producers, including property and casualty as well as crop risk management products.


William Lea
Risk Management Specialist

William is a life-long resident of Tennessee and currently resides in Covington. He has worked in the ag industry for over 25 years with experience in farm management, sales, education and crop scouting.

pam brock

Pam Brock
Manager/Policy Processing Specialist

Pam is based in our home office in Starkville, MS where she processes and supports our risk management specialists.

The Branches – Our Philosophy
The Alliance Philosophy is very simple in theory but detailed in execution. The theory is, that if we start with a plan, we will finish the race and perform better. The plan incorporates ALL facets of your ag business, but simplifies those decisions to the numbers. We use several different techniques to modify the variables to produce “The Plan,” in order to give you the least amount of financial risk along with the most financial opportunity for profit.

The Fruit – Our Goal
The fruit of our labors is to FINISH WELL!!! The risk management industry is full of testimonials where expectations were high and results were disappointing. Alliance knows that these train wrecks occurred because the conductor didn’t anticipate all of the risks and therefore didn’t do something to prevent the wreck ahead of time. The fruit comes when we anticipate all of the potential wrecks, plan to minimize the financial damage if there are circumstances beyond our control, and stay financially strong through the peaks and valleys of our business.